CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2013

In attendance: Mindy Crandall, Thomas Morrill, Araby Belcher, Shannon Andrews, Béatrice Moissinac, Eric Coker, Lizz Hardardt; guests Sean McGregor, Matt Brown, and Justin Goins from EECS, and B-Team member Daniel Holder; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 3:05 PM, upstairs at Westm

Minutes from 9-4-13 meeting – Approved
Email Decisions – (1) Decided to purchase generic (not year-specific) member bennie stickers. (2) Edited SEIU support email & sent.


Bargaining Update (with Daniel) – The last session was on Thursday the 5th. We don’t have another session scheduled yet. Last Thursday’s session was pretty good though. We’d like to see ratification happen in the first week of October.


Union Bug on Mug? – Our design might be smushed if the union bug goes on the front, but it will cost a little more to get them printed on the back. We still want to have it, so we’ll pay the additional $0.44 per. Since we’ll be paying to print on the back anyway, we’ll add “Our Union, Our Voice” and our URL.


Banner Purchase Approval – This is a little more expensive than we’d anticipated. It would be $126 for a 3’x6’ banner. We still want it! Ashley will order it ASAP.


Tablets for Office Visits – Sean suggested we use some iPod Touches because they’re cheap, but unfortunately they’re reeeally small and would be difficult to type on. We’re hoping people will be able to use whatever devices we acquire to take notes after office visit meetings. Araby will do a little research into cheap tablets and report back.


Accountability Review – We’re going to do this next week when the office should be a little easier to use! Because…


Office Update – There was a flood – again – last Thursday afternoon. Now there are some big fans and a dehumidifier in the office. It’s loud! And hot! It seems like there isn’t any real damage and we’re hoping the ServPro folks will announce it’s all better very soon so we can get back to normal.


Organizer Training Recap – It was awesome (except for the flood and power outage). There was pretty good turnout, including some new faces.


Grad School Resource Fair – This is Monday the 16th, from noon to 3. Ashley will remind all the officers who volunteered to help. Remember to wear your CGE t-shirt!


Grad School Picnic – This is also Monday the 16th, on campus at 5:30. Everyone needs to RSVP ASAP to the Grad School!


Orientations – Ashley and Angela are having a little difficulty scheduling some of the orientation meetings in one of the Colleges. We’re not sure if the people there are deliberately being uncooperative or if their situation just doesn’t match what we need, but it’s been frustrating. Looks like we should be able to meet with almost everyone during regular orientations, but we might need to schedule a separate meeting with one of the programs.


AGEL Call Recap – Eric participated in this call. They’re still trying to schedule the fall conference but don’t have a date or location yet. We’re thinking we’d like to host it on the weekend of the Brew-Off! Ashley will get in touch this afternoon with AFT-OR to see if they’d help sponsor us financially. If so, Eric will email the AGEL list to say we’d like to host.


New Member Email – Ashley sent around a draft of an email that we can send to new members when they sign up.


Fall Newsletter – Araby is starting to put it together to go out in October, probably in week 3 of the term.


Graduate Student Resource Center – We got a request from Courtney asking for people (or groups?) to sign onto a proposal about something. Mindy passed it on to a few people, I guess? Not sure; everyone is hot and tired and wants to be done.


Meeting adjourned at 4:51 PM

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