The bargaining team is very, very happy to announce that we’ve reached a tentative agreement with the university today for a contract for the next two years. Click here for a PDF of the tentative agreement.

We will hold a contract ratification meeting, starting at 5:30 pm on Thursday, Nov. 4, in the large meeting room in the Westminster House (where our office is), where the bargaining team will discuss the details of the agreement and field questions from the membership.  Please plan to attend this meeting to make sure you are informed of all the changes the CGE bargaining team agreed on. While it is not mandatory, this is as close as it gets, since voting to approve the contract is the thing you can do that has the single biggest impact.

The ratification vote will commence after discussion of the agreement and will remain open until 7:30 pm in the CGE office.  There will also be an open voting period in the CGE office from 9:30 am through 5:00 pm on Friday, Nov. 5, for those who are unable to attend the ratification meeting.  All current full members in good standing are eligible to vote on this agreement.  The results of the ratification vote will be announced shortly after voting closes on Nov. 5.

Here are the highlights of the agreement:

– We have retained the $300 per term differential for everyone.  Combined with lower fees, this is a net gain for everyone.  For Engineers, this is a very large net gain.

– Starting Fall 2011, the minimum salary will increase from $2811 per month at 1.0 FTE to $3000 per month at 1.0 FTE.

– Raises upon reappointment of 3% this year and next for everyone making below the Graduate School’s recommended minimum of $3543 per month at 1.0 FTE.

– Maintenance of the costs and benefits of health insurance.

– Better language that should help with overwork and distribution of work hours.

– New language on hiring for certain positions.

– We will drop all outstanding grievances and split any outstanding arbitrator’s fees.

– Changes in how fair-share dues are administered for non-members.

Overall, we managed to see some gains on fees for everyone and slightly higher stipends for lower-paid grad employees.  We’ll be in touch soon with more details, including those about contract ratification, but if you want to know more today, the bargaining team can be found at Bombs Away starting around 5:45 PM.

The bargaining team would like to extend their sincere thanks to all of you who have supported us throughout this process.  We would not have achieved the deal we did without your involvement.

You can contact us at with questions.

10 Thoughts on “Tentative Agreement Reached with OSU”

  • WAY. TO. GO! This is an amazing victory considering the concessions the OSU Administration attempted to inflict on grads. This makes even more obvious what a HUGE benefit CGE is to OSU grad assistants.

  • Very good job CGE’ers! You helped each other and yourselves! Past grads and members are proud. Way to address workload!

    CGE 2001-2007

  • I agree that is is excellent news and a “well done” is in order.

    That said, I find it interesting that you put “For Engineers, this is a very large net gain.” We engineers are in the same position as everyone else now, which is awesome, but we didn’t gain any more than anyone else, at least from bargaining. I recall at least one bargaining session where the administration tried to play off the OUS engineering fee mandate as a concession on their part and someone mentioning how bogus that was as they have no control over it. The same logic applies to our bargaining team…. In summary, I am very happy that the equal footing that the OUS handed down had been maintained and we’ve all taken a step forward! Thanks!

    • Bill,

      You’re right that the end of the Engineering Resource Fee was not a direct outcome of bargaining. However, OSU acknowledged right before mediation that OUS had acted at least somewhat in response to our efforts over the past two years, especially with regards to our attempt to resolve the issue through the Legislature. As well, we’ve talked to a State Representative who thinks our attempts there made a difference. So while bargaining itself didn’t get it done, we made a difference. And the change did have to be reflected in our contract.

      As well, there was as point at which OSU tried to end the $300 for Engineers but not for others. That we fought that off and put you all on equal footing with regard to the differential is also something, I think.

      Thanks for your support.


  • Sincere gratitude to the bargaining team for their long hours and dedication to ensuring a more fair contract for grad students!

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