In case you haven’t heard, there is some exciting news about benefits to CGE membership.  We know you all joined out of principle and the goodness of your hearts, but now there’s another financial benefit: the CGE Member Benefits Program in which area businesses are offering discounts to CGE members!

Starting now, you can come by the CGE office–or talk to your CGE department representative–to get a small sticker for the back of your student ID card and a list of participating businesses.  Once you’ve done that, simply show the card with sticker to participating businesses to receive your discount.

Businesses participating so far include Corvallis Brewing Supply, Cyclotopia, Happy Trails Records, and Nirvana Indiana Restaurant.  Click here for more information – and don’t hesitate to check these places out!

If you’ve got suggestions for other businesses we might approach about this program, or better yet, if you’ve got connections to a local business, contact CGE.

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