Find the Summer Health Insurance Enrollment Form here [PDF]. To be eligible for prorated deductions over Spring Term, you must submit the form to the insurance office (Plageman 110) by March 31.


You’re eligible for reduced cost (15% premiums) summer health insurance if:
(1) You have a GRA or GTA any term of the 2014-2015 Academic Year, and
(2) You intend to continue to be a graduate student (not necessarily on assistantship) in Fall 2015.


Who Has to Re-Enroll For the Summer
If you have no work at OSU or if  your work moves from a GRA/GTA to hourly work over the summer, you must re-enroll if you with to maintain your Pacific Source health insurance. If you’re unsure if you’ll switch to hourly work, go ahead and re-enroll. If you end up with a summer assistantship, you will have pre-paid for summer health insurance and have no summer deductions. If you miss the deadlines and find out later you have hourly work, you will no longer be able to enroll.


Payroll Deduction Options
In response to members’ concerns over the burden of paying for all three months of summer health insurance in one paycheck, CGE has worked with OSU to create two options for paying this year. Be sure to indicate your preferred deduction method on the enrollment form.

(1) April/May/June Deduction–the three months of summer health insurance premiums will be spread over these three months of paychecks, effectively doubling your health insurance premiums in each of these months.
(2) May Triple Deduction–all three months of summer health insurance premiums will be deducted from your May paycheck, effectively quadrupling your health insurance premiums for one month.


To be eligible for the prorated deduction over April, May, and June, you must enroll by March 31.
To be eligible for the one time triple deduction in May, you must enroll by May 15.



Health Plan Option Monthly Premium Cost to Employee ($) Full Summer Premium Cost to Employee ($)
Employee Only 57.24 171.72
Employee & Spouse/Partner 113.62 340.87
Employee & Family 153.08 459.24
Employee & Child(ren) 96.70 290.12



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