The bargaining team and an enthusiastic audience arrive anticipating a response from the OSU team to the most recent workload protection language. Within the first ten minutes, Jeri explicitly states that the University’s perspective is that research assistants working exclusively are “in pursuit [of a degree] and there is no service.” Without further discussion, the CGE bargaining team calls for a caucus to discuss how to move forward knowing that the Administration’s position is now – in no uncertain terms – to ignore the ERB decision.

The remainder of the meeting was much like two rocks trying to turn each other over (which is not something rocks are capable of doing). Because the session after this point did not move the bargaining process, this post will explain each side’s interests on the subject of workload protections as simply as possible.

This position is grounded in the language of the ERB decision, which states, “The petitioned-for employees clearly meet the requirement that they perform services or work for OSU” (p.25). Because the ERB recognizes all graduate assistants as employees of, and in service to, the university, CGE has the obligation to represent them. The contract must reflect their service, and in particular, workload protections for all graduate assistants must be contractually guaranteed.

Their position is grounded in a belief that work on a graduate thesis or dissertation can not be considered work in service to the university. All thesis work is conducted for the exclusive benefit of the student and is not in service to the university in any way. Because any work on a thesis is then called academic progress, this team encourages all workload issues to be directed through the graduate school. Their recommendation is for the graduate school to work on a process for CGE to be present during academic grievances.

How will these two sides revive interest based bargaining while still approaching the table with these fully revealed and fundamentally opposing philosophies? Stay tuned to find out.

[post by Daniel Holder]


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  • I have to agree with Danny here. Though I usually like creme-filled things, the regular yeast doughnuts are the only way to go with NutCakes, in my (now quite informed) opinion.

  • Love the donut report, even though you’re clearly in the wrong and creme-filled things are heavenly. Less so the position of the university…..

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