Tuesday afternoon, about 35 CGE members took a few minutes to deliver a letter to OSU President Ed Ray’s office.  That letter was the culmination of a week’s worth of work by volunteers delivering almost 900 letters to faculty members here on campus.  The letter makes clear that we need to see progress on fees if we are to wrap up bargaining, and encourages faculty to weigh in on this issue, because the bargaining team believes that moving backwards on fees will make it harder for faculty to recruit and retain talented graduate students.

Tomorrow, July 30th, at 2 PM in the Memorial Union Council Room, the bargaining team will be meeting with OSU.

The university has promised us they will bring an economic proposal that takes into account the importance we place on fees, and has indicated they will have guests present from the Finance and Administration unit.

We hope to see as many of you there as possible.  We’re getting very close to the end of bargaining now, and what happens on Friday will probably play a large role in determining what the overall outcome of bargaining looks like.  Please join us!

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