At the Fall GMM last night, the CGE membership voted unanimously to endorse a NO vote on Oregon Ballot Measure 64. For those unfamiliar with it, Measure 64 directly affects many members of CGE who choose to have a small amount deducted from their paycheck each month and donated to AFT-OR’s Political Action Committee (PAC). Measure 64 would make this kind of voluntary deduction illegal.

The money donated to PAC by our members thorough voluntary paycheck deductions is used to take a legislative approach to achieving AFT-OR’s goals (which include CGE’s goals). In particular, PAC dollars will be used by CGE and AFT-OR in the coming years to pursue relief from student fees for grad employees through action by the Oregon State legislature. Measure 64 would seriously undermine these efforts by preventing our members from contributing to them through voluntary paycheck deductions.

It is very important for CGE that Measure 64 is not passed this year, so please join us in voting NO on 64.

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