Trans @ OSU: Healthcare and Services



– Guide purpose,

CGE realized a gap in information for graduate students, put guide together for all those in the community whether fellow graduate students or other community members. Special focus in this guide are providers that work with the graduate student insurance plan provider PacificSource.

– Table of Contents

Name and Gender Marker Changes

– Legal Name & Gender Change in Oregon (Benton County)

– With Oregon State University

– With Graduate Student Insurance

Primary Care

– Benton County Health Department – Benjamin Goodrum

– Samaritan Health


Medical Services

– Surgical options at OHSU

– Electrolysis in Eugene

Skin Radiance

Graduate Student Insurance

– What it covers

– Link to pages

Support Groups & Community

Here are some safe places to find community, support, and friends at Oregon State University and the greater Corvallis area.

at Oregon State University

  • Pride Center – The OSU Pride Center provides programs and resources for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, questioning and intersex members of the OSU community and their allies. The Pride Center affirms LGBTQQIA lives and identities by providing education, trained peer support, outreach, community development, visibility and advocacy. The Pride Center is a safe space for all people to explore aspects of sexual orientation and gender in an open and non-assuming atmosphere.
  • Women’s Center – At the Women’s Center we are a collective of student leaders that strive to create and foster a brave community working towards equity through intersectional feminism with the end goal of liberation for all.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services – CAPS provides both individual counseling and group therapy through support groups, with support groups specifically for transgender and gender non-conforming undergraduate and graduate students. Contact CAPS for more information.

in Corvallis

  • Corvallis Transgender Support Group –  The Corvallis Transgender Support Group is for transgender and questioning people and their families.  The group serves to provide a safe space and share information regarding transitioning, coming out, therapists, physicians, and other aspects of our journey.

and Online

A lot of the local transgender community shares news and events online. Here are a few of the online Facebook groups that we have found useful for ‘plugging in’ – whether you are a new graduate student at Oregon State University or anyone else in the community.


Feel free to email if there are any additional services, groups, or community information that you would find helpful or if there are any errors in this information.





Gender Affirming Surgery and Related Procedures.docx


Department of Consumer and Business Services Bulletin on Non-Discrimination Related to Transgender Persons in the Transaction of Insurance in Oregon 

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