Readings on Academic Labor

“Organizing Graduate Students” by Gordon Lafer

Reclaiming the Ivory Tower
Joe Berry
OSU Valley Library Call #: LB1778.2.B47 2005

How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation
Marc Bousquet. NYU Press, 2008
OSU Valley/Cascades Library Call #: LB2334.B58 2008

From the Folks Who Brought You the Weekend
Priscilla Murolo and A.B. Chitty
SUMMIT Catalog:

Will Teach for Food
Cary Nelson
OSU Valley Library Call #: LB2335.845.U52 W51 1997

Chalk Lines: The Politics of Work in theManaged University. Duke UP, 1998
Randy Martin, ed.
SUMMIT Catalog:

Academic Capitalism: politics, policies, and the entrepreneurial university
Sheila Slaughter, Larry L. Leslie
OSU Valley Library Call #: LC67.6.S53 1997

Academic Capitalism and the New Economy: markets, state, and higher education
Slaughter, Shelia & Gary Rhoades
OSU Valley Library Call #: LC67.62.S62 2004

Workplace:A Journal of Academic Labor
Marc Bousquet
Web Journal

Steal this University
Benjamin Johnson, Patrick Kavanagh, Kevin Mattson
OSU Valley Library Call #: LB2335.865.U6 S43 2003

Cogs in the Classroom Factory: The Changing Identity of Academic Labor
Deborah M. Herman, Julie M. Schmid
OSU Valley Library Call #: LB2335.865.U6 C65 2003

The University Against Itself: The NYU Strike and the Future of the Academic Workplace
Monika Krause, Mary Nolan, Andrew Ross, Michael Palm
OSU Valley Library Call #: LB2335.845.U52 N53 2008

Unionization in the Academy: Visions and Realities
Judith Wagner DeCew
OSU Valley Library Call #: LB2335.865.U6 D43 2003

A Professional Professoriate: Unionization, Bureaucratization, and the AAUP
Philo A. Hutcheson
OSU Valley Library Call #: LB2335.865.U6 H88 2000

The Politics of Faculty Unionization: The Experience of Three New England Universities
Gordon B. Arnold
OSU Valley Library Call #: LB2335.865.U6 A75 2000

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