Leadership Structure


CGE Executive Council

The CGE EC is the elected body that is entrusted to coordinate the strategic goals and mission of our union. The EC also tends to the daily union tasks that need attention. As such, it is necessary that all EC members commit to carrying out these duties for the entire year of office.

Officers are elected annually at the spring general membership meeting, and terms run from July 1 – June 31 of the following year. Any member with at least 3 months’ membership in good standing in the union is eligible to hold office.

All EC members are expected to attend and occasionally facilitate regular EC meetings (bi-weekly during the academic year with intermittent social gatherings, less frequently during breaks); check in and respond over email/Slack when decisions need to be made that way; and participate in all the regular business that keeps the union running. This includes participating in quarterly membership drives, helping deliver short orientations to all incoming graduate students at the beginning of the academic year, attending AFT-Oregon convention in April, and attending the annual planning retreat in the summer.

EC members are also tasked with facilitating General Membership Meetings and ensuring all members are able to participate in a genuine way in these meetings.

The EC works directly with CGE’s staff organizer and business manager to ensure that the daily tasks that keep the union going are completed. The time commitment varies over the year and by officer position, but in general, EC members should anticipate spending 2-5 hours a week on CGE related activities.

Specific Officer Roles


The President is the face of CGE, helps prepare EC meetings, chairing the CGE bargaining team and preparing for bargaining in off-years (we negotiate our contract every two years), and generally does all the little things that help keep CGE running. This includes following up with all other officers and doing things that other folks can’t get to. This position is best suited for someone who is familiar with CGE, is good at managing many tasks and being organized, and can write and communicate clearly and professionally with diverse audiences. It is usually someone who has previous EC experience.


  • Oversee the Staff Organizer and Business Manager, including having ongoing meetings to help guide the Organizer’s work, and guiding annual reviews
  • Review and finalize the EC agendas
  • Help facilitate quarterly General Membership Meetings (GMM)
  • Review and finalize the GMM agendas
  • Facilitate the annual strategic planning event for the EC and reps
  • Bargaining related duties:
    • Recruit bargaining team members
    • Chair the bargaining team (note this is different than being the lead negotiator)
    • Organize the bargaining team before and during contract negotiations
    • Arrange for the bargaining team to be trained
    • Report to the EC on things related to bargaining
  • Attend quarterly meetings with President Ray and other administration members
  • Attend the annual AFT-OR President’s Conference (November)
  • Maintain a relationship with OSU’s Human Resources department outside of bargaining.
  • Maintain staff contracts and agreements
  • Attend CLC meetings in lieu of the External Relations Chair
  • Keep up to date with other officer activities
  • Meet with other officers to support them in their roles

They can be contacted at president@cge6069.org.

Vice President for Grievances

The VP for Grievances is responsible for fielding any grievances that come in, and helping empower members to collectively organize to solve grievance issues. This position is best suited for someone who is willing to know and understand the CGE contract in and out, and is passionate about enforcing it. Some prior experience on the EC is ideal.


  • Help facilitate weekly EC meetings
  • Know the CGE contract inside and out
  • Update grievance issues at quarterly GMMs
  • Grievance related duties:
    • Report all things grievance-related to the EC and solicit EC input on same
    • Meet with grievants and potential grievants
    • Write grievances
    • Attend grievance meetings with the Employer as well as Arbitration hearings
    • Work with the AFT-OR Field Rep and CGE Staff Organizer on grievances
  • Maintain a relationship with the OSU Office of Human Resources outside of grievances, including attending quarterly meetings with President Ray and the administration.

They can be contacted at vp_bargaining@cge6069.org.

Vice President for Organizing

This person is responsible for bringing new members into CGE, recruiting Reps/Stewards and other volunteers, and organizing turnout for CGE events. This position is best suited for someone who is relatively familiar with CGE and who likes reaching out to people and working with the CGE member-volunteers. Former reps are well suited to this position.


  • Facilitate quarterly rep meetings
  • Facilitate quarterly rep meeting agendas
  • Help coordinate and participate in the quarterly membership drives
  • Participate in beginning of the year orientations
  • Plan quarterly ‘Union 101’ meetings for new members
  • Report on membership numbers at quarterly GMMs
  • Help develop organizing skills and methods for CGE members.
  • Recruit new members and Reps
  • Meet with Reps as needed (to maintain relationships)
  • Organize actions and events in support of bargaining
  • Organize actions and events around other campaigns
  • Boost turnout to GMMs and other CGE functions

They can be contacted at vp_organizing@cge6069.org.

Vice President for Membership

This person is responsible for maintaining membership lists and records of participation. Additionally they will  work with VP for Organizing to increase appointments to fill steward vacancies and encourage caucus and event involvement, and assist the VP for Grievance in efforts to educate and inform the membership on their rights and duties under the contract or requisite labor laws. Great position for someone wishing to expand their organizing skills and wishes to continue on in a future role as the VP for Organizing.


  • Maintaining membership lists and records of participation
  • Assisting in steward responsibilities for departments without stewards
  • Recruiting stewards and interim steward to fill appointments for departments without stewards.
  • Help facilitate quarterly rep meetings
  • Help facilitate quarterly rep meeting agendas
  • Help coordinate and participate in the quarterly membership drives
  • Participate in beginning of the year orientations
  • Help plan quarterly ‘Union 101’ meetings for new members
  • Help develop organizing skills and methods for CGE members.
  • Organize actions and events around other campaigns
  • Boost turnout to GMMs and other CGE functions

Vice President for Communications

This person is responsible for communications with CGE members and developing an overall communications strategy that keeps CGE in the forefront of members’ minds. This is a good entry-level position for someone who is not necessarily as familiar with CGE as other folks but who can write and communicate well. Graphic design and technology skills, along with new ideas and creativity, are all a plus.


  • Update the CGE website regularly
  • Update the CGE Facebook page (including adding new members)
  • Use the Twitter account as necessary (i.e., in support of bargaining)
  • Photograph, or arrange for photography, at events
  • Develop and distribute (to bulletin boards) CGE promotional materials
  • Develop other outreach and communication methods (monthly columns, etc)
  • Develop and maintain media contacts
  • Write and send press releases as needed
  • Write and email the monthly digest
  • Help design promotional materials
  • Keep in touching with bargaining, etc. to keep up with everything

They can be contacted at vp_communications@cge6069.org.


This person works with the Business Manager to keep CGE’s books and meeting minutes. They also chair an annual budget committee and oversee the annual audit. This position can be entry-level, even though it requires some training up front, and is great for folks who like doing essential tasks out of the limelight. Analytical skills are good tools for the job. Willingness to stay on for more than a year is a definite bonus.


  • Organize an annual audit committee
  • Oversee the annual audit (October)
  • Organize an annual budget committee
  • Oversee the creation of an annual budget (June)
  • Perform a monthly reconciliation of the checkbook
  • Take EC meeting minutes when the Business Manager is gone
  • Report on the budget to the membership at GMMs
  • Present a financial report/budget update to the EC monthly
  • Ensure the IRS form 990 is filed
  • Ensure the agency fee audit is distributed to members annually

They can be contacted at treasurer@cge6069.org.

External Relations Chair

This person maintains CGE’s relationships with external organizations such as ASOSU, SEIU, AAUP, AGEL, and AFT-Oregon (all labor-affiliated groups). This is a position best suited for someone who is quite familiar with CGE, as they need to be able to represent CGE to external organizations. Prior EC members, bargaining team members, or active reps would be well suited to the position.


  • Maintain a relationship with campus coalition activities via email
  • Attend Campus Coalition meetings or campus group meetings as necessary with our colleagues in AAUP, ASOSU, and SEIU
  • Help plan and promote joint events sponsored by coalition groups
  • Attend CLC meetings monthly (Albany)
  • Participate in the monthly AGEL conference call
  • Arrange and attend quarterly meetings with President Ray
  • Liaison with the ASOSU Grad Affairs Task Force Director
  • Liaison with AFT-OR and other AFT-OR locals when necessary
  • Develop further union connections with other labor unions in Corvallis
  • Report on all activities to the CGE EC
  • Attend Faculty Senate meetings as needed

They can be reached at external_relations@cge6069.org.

Social Activities Chair

This person helps plan events and works on building community among grad employees both as part of CGE’s regular activities and in a standalone capacity. This is a great entry-level position for someone enthusiastic about planning, organizing, and developing CGE’s social offerings, and who believes in the value of building community among our members through social events.


  • Arrange food for quarterly GMMs, two annual BBQs and other CGE events
  • Promote and develop informal social events via the social list serve
  • Promote attendance of activities at other locals (e.g., SEIU rallies, GTFF events)
  • Lead organization of other activities over the year (sports teams, game nights, etc)
  • Promote and develop family-friendly activities for CGE members
  • Advocate for community-building as a part of CGE’s organizing practices
  • Promote and maintain CGE as a social center for graduate employees and their families

They can be reached at activities@cge6069.org.


Social Justice Chair

Our Social Justice Chair was created in the Fall of 2017, and is a position which recommits our union to honor a core plank of our Mission Statement to advance the goals of social justice. The Social Justice Chair is responsible for developing and facilitating a union-wide program for cultivating needed skills and analytical frameworks for understanding social justice in a labor context. This position also helps hold our union accountable to all our members and highlights the needs of those who are the most vulnerable or targeted members of our community. We encourage people of often-marginalized identities to apply for this position, including but not limited to people of color, young or older adults, working-class folks, queer, trans, or gender-nonconforming people, those with dis/abilities, parents, and women. We recognize that many of these identities may not be visibly apparent.


  • Help train and advance skills in facilitation and social justice education for our members.
  • Chair the Diversity & Inclusion Learning Group (DILG)
  • Initiate programs and projects for the advancement of social justice at OSU and Corvallis.
  • Continue to define and expand the role of the Social Justice Chair.

They can be reached at cge.vp.socialjustice@gmail.com

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