Mission Statement

The CGE Housing Caucus will dedicate its activities to secure affordable and quality housing for all graduate student workers at OSU. Among its objectives, the caucus will strive toward securing a housing trust for costs related to housing, advocating for stronger rights for tenants in the local area, and stimulating the development of housing cooperatives in the local area. The CGE Housing Caucus will also work to make strategic partnerships with other housing advocacy groups including, but not limited to, the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) and Tenants United.

Contact our caucus at housing@cge6069.org

Housing & Mutual Aid Forum

We have a forum for housing & mutual aid on our website and Facebook. Check them out for making announcements about available housing units, soliciting advice on housing, announcing your own housing needs, and other forms of aid you can provide or are seeking.

Housing Database

Our caucus has built a housing database! You can interact with the map below, modifying it with specific filters to discover housing units that have been evaluated by previous renters and fellow grads.

Help us build this database by taking this short survey on your current or previous housing unit in the area. New survey entries will increase the data on our database below.