Grad Employee Health Coverage

Information on the OSU grad employee health plan can be found on the website of the OSU Insurance Office. You can also download the summary of coverage booklet for the both the medical/vision plan and dental plan below.

OSU Insurance Office

OSU Student Insurance Office is located in room 110 of the Plageman Student Health Center. They can be reached during normal business hours at (541) 737-7568. Their website is at:

Post-Grad School Insurance

Below is a list of insurance options to help you stay covered after your assistantship ends. More information is available on the OSU Insurance Office’s website.

  1. COBRA: When your appointment ends you are eligible for insurance coverage through COBRA for a period of 18 months. Your coverage will still be with PacificSource and will be the same policy that you had with your assistantship. The only difference will be who is paying the premium. You will be responsible for 100% of the premium instead of paying the 15% you are paying now. The cost per month for self only coverage is about $290.87 a month. This premium will be paid directly to Manley Administration by the student. To begin coverage through COBRA it is necessary to fill out a notification form. These forms can be found at the OSU Student Insurance Office or on their web site. This form needs to be turned in to the student insurance office within 30 days of the assistantship ending.
  2. Portability Insurance: This is an insurance plan provided by PacificSource for previous enrollees of their group plan. When PacificSource terminates your coverage they will send you information regarding this. This information will include coverage options and cost of premiums. This plan is not administered by OSU. You will sign up and pay for your premiums directly with PacificSource.
  3. OSU Domestic/International Plan: This is the student insurance available for every student at Oregon State University. Open enrollment occurs at the beginning of every term and forms and information are available in the Student Insurance Office.
  4. Temporary Insurance: This is insurance that is designed to be purchased on a short term basis, usually from 1 month to 160 days. Examples of this type of insurance are Regence InterM or Assurant Health Plan.