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Article 9: Appointments:

  • $50 fine for late appointment letters and/or position descriptions
  • Detailed contact information for your supervisor will be provided in your appointment letters and position descriptions
  • Summer session appointment letters are due 45 days before start of term

What does this mean? We are holding OSU accountable for their history of providing late appointment letters- if we are fined for late registration for courses, our university must also be held to similar standards.

Article 11: Salary: 

  • 9% increase to minimum salary
  • Raise to the minimum FTE from .38 to .40
  • COLA: 4.75% in Fall 2022, 4% in Fall 2023; ~9.5% raise over 2 years

What does this mean? One of our primary goals was to address the wage inequity existing within our bargaining unit. With an increase in the minimum salary, an increase in the minimum FTE and a Cost of Living Adjustment to all GE’s, the lowest paid workers in our bargaining unit will now see a $3000 increase in their salary over the 2022-23 academic year as compared to 2021-22, and a $4,400 increase over 2023-24. This represents an additional $350-$400/mo for our lowest wage workers.

Letter of Agreement: Hardship fund:

  • $75,000 more in OSU hardship fund- $125,000 total in the hardship fund per year
  • Expanded eligibility for hardship fund

What does this mean? During this round of bargaining, we have more than doubled the money in the OSU hardship fund, meaning more funds are available to grads facing economic hardship during their time at OSU. Previously, OSU’s rigid eligibility criteria meant that grads without a summer appointment were ineligible to apply for this fund. We have now won expanded eligibility so that grads who are continuing students in the Fall can apply for the hardship fund over the summer.This fund is intended to support working parents with childcare costs, grads without summer employment and international grads who cannot work off-campus. You can now also choose to get these funds deposited directly instead of through your student account!

Article 25: Health and safety:

  • Required anti-harassment and anti-bullying trainings for our supervisors
  • Guaranteed workplace utilities
  • Ability to leave workplace under hazardous conditions

What does this mean? One of the reasons why harassment and bullying are so rampant in academia is because our supervisors don’t get the essential training to combat and resolve these situations when they arise in the workplace. Our contract now states that supervisors will be required to go through anti-harassment and anti bullying trainings- these trainings will also include a special module for field situations, given the heightened risk of harassment faced by those doing fieldwork.
OSU is also now required to equip our workplace with the necessary utilities to make it fully functional. Additionally, if there is any impending hazard in your workplace, you now have the right to leave that space without needing to consult your supervisor, and without facing retaliation.