Collective bargaining is the process by which working people, through their union, collectively negotiate the terms of their employment with their employer.

Collective bargaining is seen as one of the most effective ways to see an increase in wages for employees. The result of these negotiations is a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), which functions as a labor contract outlining various conditions of employment including but not limited to employment benefits, employee protections, and workplace requirements. Click here to view our current CBA.

Unionized workers covered by CBAs get, on average, significantly higher wage markups when compared to their non-unionized counterparts!

What is open collective bargaining?

One of CGE’s priorities for the bargaining process is to have the negotiations be open for attendance to all members. The outcome of collective bargaining will impact all our contracts, so it only makes sense that we be in the room to be active participants in the bargaining process, to be fully informed on OSU management’s stance, and provide testimonies and input to our bargaining team when required. To us, open bargaining also means having a remote option available for members of our community who are disabled, immunocompromised, working in the field, or otherwise unable to make it in person to our session.

Currently, OSU management is pushing for closed door negotiations, a long-standing tactic to undermine the power of unions and reduce representation of the diverse voices that make up our bargaining unit.