Mission Statement

The Women of Color Caucus (WoCC) aims to celebrate, empower, and advocate for women of color at Oregon State University (OSU) by focusing on the professional development of women of color in all disciplines to enable them to become successful contributors to their field. This mission will be accomplished by providing support, community, and resources for women of color at OSU, while enriching OSU with the contributions of often silenced people. WoCC seeks to center issues, knowledge, and experiences of women of color, and provide a safe space to build meaningful connections, and support the advancement of women of color. WoCC will seek to pursue changes in institutional policy that will safeguard the rights and affirm the identities of women of color at Oregon State University, regardless of whether they are graduate students, employees, or union members. WoCC has an open membership policy and invites people of all backgrounds who encourage and support the advancement of women of color in higher education, to become members and to help in our work towards an inclusive community.

More info

Check out the WoCC website at https://osu-wocc.weebly.com/

Their page on OSU’s Public Health site at https://health.oregonstate.edu/clubs/wocc

You can contact WoCC by emailing osu_wocc@oregonstate.edu