Mission Statement

The CGE Anti-Harassment Caucus is open to all graduate students, regardless of current CGE membership status. In addition to general members, the Anti-Harassment Caucus will consist of at least one officer from the Executive Council to serve as a general note-taker and point-person for budgetary considerations The Anti-Harassment Caucus dedicates itself to listening to and supporting graduate students who have been harassed by their advisors, OSU administrators, peers, or other party. Secondly, this caucus works to stop harassment at OSU. Changing the culture of harassment at OSU will be accomplished by both topdown (ex. working with OSU to establish consequences for bullying) and bottom-up (ex. marching to demand that the culture change) actions. Additionally, the caucus will work to develop and provide resources to graduate students to stop harassment as they experience or witness it.

You can email the caucus at anti.harassment@lists.cge6069.org

Our Anti-Harassment Caucus is providing streaming access to this important documentary, The Bystander Moment: Transforming Rape Culture At Its Roots for all CGE and supporters to view.

We will only have access to the stream for the remainder of 2019.