Area (Department or Program)


Applied Anthropology Emily Esteban
Nicholas Fisher
Rosa Michaels
Applied Economics Alexander Natanson
Aaron Kratzer*
Biochemistry & Biophysics Lillian Padgitt-Cobb
Botany & Plant Pathology Katarina Lunde
Nick Carleson
Business Administration Brad Mikus
Chemical, Biological, & Environmental Engineering Rich Hilliard
Dylan Oney
Lael Wentland
Michael Rodriguez
Civil & Construction Engineering Alex Simpson
Chen Chen
Blaine Wruck
College of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Science Alisa Kotash
Heather Bervid
College Student Services Administration Kevin Schultz
Erica Mercier
Crop & Soil Science Amy Mayedo
Larisa LaMere
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Shaan Sengupta
Nicholas Nelson
Reene (Souti) Chattopadhyay
Andrew A. Anderson
Lawrence Roy
Callen Votzke
Zoe Jouzapaitis
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology Christine Ghetu
Environmental Arts & Humanities Kristina Beggen
Environmental Sciences Linda Tucker Serniak*
Fisheries & Wildlife Alexandra Avila
Forest Engineering, Resources, & Management Bryce Frank
Cory Garms
Hatfield Marine Science Center Alexandra Avila
 Horticulture Bryan Webber
Human Development & Family Science Meghan Fenn
Jennifer Blodgett
Integrative Biology Farallon Broughton
Madelaine Wrey
David DuBose*
Matemathics Sarah Erickson*
Material Sciences Okan Agirseven
MIME Shardul Khandke
Mick Carter
Jeff Caley
Reza Ziazi
Brian Zhang*
Microbiology Winni Wang
Kaylyn Hubbard
Molecular & Cell Biology Sarah Alto
Nuclear Science & Engineering Mitch Mannino
Physics Sean Gilligan
School of Psychological Science Shannon Gyles
Public Health Maddison Greaves
Zainab Alidina
Public Policy Regine Yaites
Jessica DeFelice
Allison Daniel
Brianna O’Steen
Adrian Laufer
School of History, Philosophy, and Religion Kevin O’Rourke
School of Writing, Literature, and Film Tatiana Dolgushina
Erich Brumback
Speech Communication Evan Steele
Veterinary Biomedical Science Tracy Jamison
Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies L.K. Mae

*Appointed by the CGE Executive Council

Stewards are apportioned on the basis of one for every ten (10) eligible members, or a major fraction thereof, in each area, with each area having at least one steward. The full list of areas for representation can be found here.