In winter 2019 CGE approved the creation of a union hardship fund for graduate workers experiencing financial hardships. The fund is not charity. Members pay dues to CGE and a portion of these dues are being put into this hardship fund as a form of mutual aid.

A hardship, as defined by the CGE Hardship Committee is “any non recurring issue including medical emergencies, legal services, housing deposits, evictions, maintenance, travel funds for death in family, etc.” Child care costs also qualify as a hardship. Even if you don’t feel like you meet this criteria, please do not hesitate to apply!

Each term, ALL graduate student workers are eligible for financial assistance ($1000/year for members and associate members and $500/year for non-members), to help relieve any financial hardship they may be experiencing. The hardship fund has a cap of $20,000 until June 2019, which can be accessed through application until the fund has been depleted. CGE intends to bargain for matching contributions to the fund from OSU and other means to replenish monies in the fund.

Applications will be reviewed by a 5-person committee made up of CGE volunteers once every month. The individuals on this committee will be kept anonymous. Funds will be approved through a consensus-decision process. If consensus cannot be reached, the committee member can vote to move to a simple majority vote for approval. To ensure confidentiality of applicants, names and contact information will be redacted before going to the committee, and will only be seen by the CGE staff. Any demographic information on the questionnaire will be used to inform our databases, but will also be deidentified and kept confidential.

Apply for the CGE Hardship Fund.