Mission Statement

The CGE International Caucus is open to all graduate students regardless of CGE membership status and serves to represent the concerns of all international students at Oregon State University. The International Graduate Caucus recognises that international graduate students attending OSU have unique needs and difficulties in comparison to US students. It seeks to discover these issues through canvassing the international graduate student body and seeks solution to them through cooperative action. Issues affecting international graduate students intersect with other Caucuses’ concerns (e.g. Women of Colour, Housing, Anti-Bullying), hence members will be active in voicing the specific issues affecting international graduate students within these groups. Additionally, the Caucus seeks to work with OSU administration to improve the environment for international graduate students from the university side, whilst creating visible resources to aid international graduate students throughout all phases of the time at OSU. These might be cultural fluency materials, such as a glossary of oft-encountered academic terms in the US (e.g. GTA, Associate Dean for Academic Programs), events, or online platforms where students can find others of the same nationality easily. The Caucus further proposes an International Steward.

Current Goal

We are building a “buddy system” for welcoming incoming international students and helping them during their adjustment to OSU. In order to build this system, we ask that all international students take this survey so we can better assess the needs of international grads, and anyone interested in being a part of the “buddy system” fill out this volunteer form.


You can email the caucus at international@cge6069.org